Eric Tallis was chosen by the spiritual world for more than 20 years ago to send a message from his father, who died in a tragic accident, to his other family members. The spiritual world provided Eric Tallis with all his current and whole knowledge and taught him to live and use his mediality in a special and diverse way.

Out of gratitude to this special connection that the spiritual world has given him, Eric Tallis has a desire to help people in their surroundings in their grief. To give consolation and love to these people through messages from their beloved deceased and thus bring some light into the darkness of mourning.

He advises through Angel Messages, Spirit Communication, Reading Life & Energy work for more than 20 years extremely helpful as medium his clients with honesty, precision and discretion. His clients benefit from many years of experience in seminars and workshops, first in France and now in Germany for many years: Berlin, Köln, Bottrop, Nürnberg, Dortmund, Manheim, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, München, Wien...

"Everything he said and predicted was true and just arrived. I am really impressed."


"I can only say it is as good as everything really arrived what he told me!"


"Eric is definitively a very sympathetic, competent and honest medium!"


"Hit the mark with everything!"


"His advices are specificaly characterized by a huge professionalism, a big honesty, a great precision and a really sincere empathy for his customers."


"Almost everything has really arrived with me and my loved ones, what he has predicted as a medium."


"The reading given from Mr. Tallis was very professional and intense."


"Eric is very nice and sympathetic; I immediately trusted him and felt very comfortable in his presence."


"He is a great guy and a unique medium."